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häuser & finanzen GmbH & Co. KG
Kapuzinergraben 19 E
52062 Aachen
Fon: +49 (241) 250 50
E-Mail: info@haeuser-finanzen.com
Internet: www.haeuser-finanzen.com

Adaptability and individuality
does not rule out the other.

To consult and to accompany - even after the execution of the contract. We see ourselves as a real estate partner who listens and understands to create habitats and improve your quality of life.

The purchase and sale of properties is extremely emotional for owners as well as for buyers, since the spatial change also starts a new life stage. We will accompany you as the owner from the first interview about the object visitation to a well-founded evaluation and a customized marketing concept in which we work out your wishes together.
We assist the buyer with our local network giving advices on financing, structural changes and the notary selection.

Our unique selling proposition: The Relocation Service. That provides private customers and companies with information about local offices, the local infrastructure and the development of a personalized social environment.

We have been selling high-class houses for more than a decade in Aachen and the surrounding area. Get to know us in a personal conversation. If you are interested in our properties, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further details.

Nadine Müller
"Especially after complex projects, I am happy that our customers arrive in their new home." Nadine Müller

The qualified notary specialists was responsible for property developers and investor groups in Germany. Prior to her self-employment, she was responsible for the real estate and commercial law of several major companies in one of the largest notary offices in Aachen. Since 2004, Nadine Müller has been part of the "Kronen häuser & Finanzen" real estate agency, which changed to "Müller hauser & finanzen" in 2014. Born in the Rheinland she feels professionally and privately like home in Aachen and describes herself in a word: happy.

Nasr Al Ahdal
" Self-employed specialize in the temporary rental of real estate for international clients" Nasr Al Ahdal

Nasr Al Ahdal born in Aden/Yemen in 1967 and spent the first 19 years of his life in Kuwait. Since 1986 the father of three daughters lives in Germany, where he graduated in business administration with a focus on Sales & Marketing in Aachen. After working for General Motors in Antwerp, he worked for 7 years at Accom GmbH & Co. KG.

Today he is self-employed in Aachen, owns two companies, one of them is specializing in the temporary rental of real estate for international clients.

Maureen Hulsman
"The satisfaction of my customers and their own professional competence is the top priority for me" Maureen Hulsman

After her apprenticeship as a "businesswoman in real estate and housing industry" at the European Educational Center Bochum (EBZ) and the former EBV AG based in Kohlscheid, she had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in the field of major real estate companies in Aachen through her many years of leading allrounder functions Property sector. In addition to her responsible job, she successfully completed her studies in 2004 with the degree "Certified Real Estate Specialist" at the European Educational Center Bochum (EBZ) and the IHK Cologne.

In 2012 she decided to found her own company under the name "GRENSIMMO Makelaardij & Grensbegeleiding". The satisfaction of her customers and her own professional competence has top priority for the entrepreneur.

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